Otto Papadopoulos for Roula Pispirigo: “Important evidence of the case stayed in the drawer”

The sentence of life imprisonment imposed on the attempted homicide and the firstborn daughter of Georgina was commented by lawyer Otto Papadopoulos today Friday (29.03.24). Otto Papadopoulos, who had initially taken charge of the defence of Roula Pispirigo told Live News that his decision seems “primary”. “It is a decision that will be appealed against and reintroduced in all its chapters, reasons and data of the case, again at the beginning and judgment of a supreme court,” he commented. At the same time, he pointed out that important elements of the case remained in the “drawer” and were not used. “(The defendant) without having someone to guide her, she entered all the issues she should not enter during her apology process. There was terrible toxicity in relation to the public presentation of the case,” said Mr Papadopoulos.