Islamic State: Our Members Arrested in Russia for the Moscow Massacre

It may be that she is actively trying to link Ukraine to the murderous terrorist attack in the Moscow concert hall, but it does not show her willingness to abandon her paternity. Already from the first moment Russia began to “show” to Kiev, the Islamic State went into the “reply” by making public videos of the attack, welcoming the action of alleged members. Now that Moscow has announced that it has located “” which had even received “significant” amounts of money from Ukraine, IK has “beated” again. In yesterday’s edition published today Friday 29.3.2024 at dawn, al-Nabaa, the weekly newspaper of the jihadist organization, confirms that on the outskirts of Moscow. Three of them used mydralioguns while the fourth faces charges of causing fire, according to al-Nabaa, the controversial article of which was published on the channels of the jihadist organization in the Telegram application. The attackers were then the target of a “hunting” by land and air forces which ended with their “surrounding” in a forest. “ May God deliver them from their captivity, ‘ al-Nabaa said. The attack, the most lethal in the last 20 years in Russia, caused the death of at least 143 people and the injury of another 360, including children. The Russian authorities had previously mentioned the arrest of 11 people, including. At the expense of eight charged and imprisoned. President Vladimir Putin himself said that the four attackers were arrested in the Russian region of Briansk while trying to escape to Ukraine, where a “window” that would allow them to cross the border had been prepared from the Ukrainian side. The director of Russian security services (FSB), Alexandre Bortnikov, had accused Ukrainian and Western secret services of “simplifying” the attack.