Oscar 2024: Al Pacino answers about the awkward announcement at the Oscar of a better film

Confusion prevailed at 2024 when he announced the last and most important award, that of the Best Film which won the “Openheimer”, without mentioning the other candidates in the category. Al Pacino explained why he did not read the names of all 10 candidates for the best film at the Oscars, on Sunday night 10.03.2024, saying it was a decision of the evening’s producers. Specifically the Hollywood actor said he followed the instructions of the Oscar producers and named none of the remaining league candidates for the top prize of the evening but the winner. “It was not my intention to skip them, but it was probably a choice for producers not to say the nominations again, after they emerged individually during the ceremony,” Pacino said in a statement Monday afternoon. “It was an honor to participate in the evening and I chose to follow the way they wished for this award to be awarded,” he added. “ I realize that nomination is a huge milestone in one’s life and not fully recognized is offensive and painful. I say this as someone deeply related to filmmakers, actors and producers, so I deeply sympathise with those who were offended by this omission and therefore I felt it necessary to make this statement,” the actor said. “My eyes see Oppenheimer” The Oscar-winning actor was the last presenter of the 96th Award Ceremony to award the Oscar of Best Film, except within a few seconds he opened the record of the results and announced the winner. While traditionally, the presenter lists the category candidates before announcing the winner, Pacino was content to say the phrase: “Ten wonderful films were nominated, but only one will get the Best Film Award—and I have to go to the envelope for it”. The 83-year-old chose not to prolong the candidates’ anguish as he just opened the file, he simply said: “My eyes see Oppenheimer”. This move seemed to confuse mainly the audience but also the winners, as it came very abruptly, and also disappointed several viewers who did not have time to feel the necessary sappens. Oscar producer Molly McNearney told the magazine that the failure to read candidates for the best film was deliberate. “It was a creative decision we made because we were very worried that the show would be long in duration,” he said. “By the end of the evening, you have seen all 10 clips for the Best Film. People just want to hear who wins and are ready enough to finish the show. At least that’s what we expected,” she said. Sources: , Variety

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