Mars Makris: I challenge Anna Maria Velli to mention the name of the villain

The actor and singer found himself a guest on Katerina New’s show and talked about her accusations of being the victim of abusive behavior by a former partner. “We’ve been separated for about four years, since then we haven’t been in touch. When this matter began to grow, my name began to be combined with that of the abuser. I never entered the process of talking to her and dealing with that reputation,” said Aris Makris about Anna Maria Velli. “We had quarrels and tensions like all couples but never to an extent of abusive behavior,” admits the young singer in Alpha’s morning show. “This whole story began very abstractly and step – step I was targeted by the world more and more by its repeated statements. That’s why I had to take a position… and I didn’t want to do it at all. But a black cloud has been created around my name that has caused me problems both in my relationship and in my family and in my work. My girlfriend has fallen from the clouds, like my family who know what child they have raised,” says Aris Makris about Anna Maria Velli and her abuse charge. “I challenge Anna Maria Velli to mention the name of the abuser. I expressly state that this is not me. There is a methodic repetition from her point of view on the subject. She mentioned abuse in her previous relationship but not in such details. If he comes out and apologizes to me or says it’s not me, I’ll be quiet and it’ll be over. If he says it’s me, I’m ready to defend myself. Whoever is to blame must be punished,” Mars Makris then stressed.

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