Olympic Games 2024: EOE gives 508,000 euros to athletes and athletes for preparation

New financial support for athletes and athletes, to prepare them in view of what will be done in Paris. The Greek Olympic Committee continues to support the athletes and athletes of the Pre-Olympic team, in the effort to qualify for the Paris Olympic Games and also for a distinction in the top sporting event of the coming summer. At the plenary session on Tuesday, April 2nd, the recommendations of the Chairman of the Olympic Preparation Committee Giannis Karras were accepted to give 508,000 euros to athletes and athletes. In particular, they will be given… The Greek Federation of Table Tennis 15,500 euros for Panayiotis Gionis and Panayiotis Sgouropoulos The Greek Federation of Boxing 21,000 euros for athletes Olga Papadatos, Christina Linardatos, Katerina Koutsogeorgopoulou and the athletes Michalis Tsamalidis, Vagan Nanitzanian and Stelios Roula. At the Hellenic Federation of Palis 20,000 euros for participation in coaching campaigns by Maria Prevolarakis and Dauren Kourougliev and George Kougioumtsidis. In SEGAS 40,500 euros for athletes Elizabeth Pesiridou, Tatiana Gousin, Katerina Stefanidis, Maria Purtsa, Stamatia Skarveli and athletes Christos Fratzakis, Emmanuel Karalis and Giannis Kyriazis. At the Greek Basketball Federation 100,000 for the National Men’s Basketball Team. In the n Swimming Federation of Greece 311,000 for the swimming team, 33,000 for artistic swimming, 54,000 for the National men’s water polo team and 38,000 for the National Women’s Water polo team. Since the beginning of the year the Hellenic Olympic Committee has given 1,021,374 euros for Olympic Preparation, to athletes and athletes of the Pre-Olympic team. The President of the Greek Olympic Committee Spyros Capralos said: “The UN continues to support athletes and athletes, in the final line for the Olympic Games, so that we can secure as many qualifying as possible and those who go to Paris, to participate in the Olympic Games properly prepared. “