Marina Aslanoglou first talks about divorce: Sometimes relationships are completed

After eight years of marriage, her and her husband, lawyer Demosthenes Peppas, decided to take separate roads. The actress spoke today (03.04.2024) for the first time in public about her separation. “It’s a bit difficult now. We have broken up since December,” Marina Aslanoglou told George Liaga when she was invited to Breakfast. The actress and Demosthenes Peppas have a son, 6 years old Constantine. And he’s their absolute priority. “We try to adapt to the new form of the family. As you know, he’s breaking up with the couple, Constantine’s mom and dad will never break up, and he knows the kid. And we try to use words like: we live in different houses, not separate houses. Constantine grows with love,” Marina Aslanoglou said. Speaking of the new reality, the well-known actress added: “His dad takes him, too, we are in a very good agreement. Sometimes things come to an end. And relationships. Some things either you accept or you don’t accept, go ahead. We had a peaceful divorce because we have our child, so between us we had to keep the balance and be good for our child.”