New Democracy ready for hard rock in the face of European elections: The Tempes lead to an adjustment of its strategy

In a climate of polarization the country is heading towards, in 69 days from today. In the government camp it is more than clear that although it will focus on the challenges facing Europe and Greece’s position in the European family, the opposition is preparing for… hard rock with a national agenda. “It is obvious that we are no longer talking about a loose showdown” stated a member of the N.D., after the fierce political conflict over the Tembis, in the House, making it clear that the ND’s governing party will adjust its strategy for the European elections, as the opposition is expected to do, keeping the Tempes tragedy in the first place of its election agenda. It is characteristic that PASOK – KINAL President Nikos Androulakis, who also had the initiative of the proposal of Disbelief, is currently going to the Supreme Court to ask for an investigation from Justice in connection with what the newspaper “The Step” published to alter the sound talks of the stationmaster on the night of the tragic accident. A move indicative of the strategy to be followed by Harilaou Trikoupi, while in Piraeus there is the certainty that the President of SYRIZA Stefanos Kasselakis will also move in the effort to expand with PASOK for the second place. “Unfortunately, opposition parties intend to continue to implement a national tragedy in order to obtain temporary party benefits. Having nothing to say to the Greek people, they stir themselves and themselves,” the prime minister said on his Saturday tour of Muscat. “Uncompromisingly we will proceed, despite blackmail, despite pressure. That’s the order we got. And let me make this clear: personally, I, but also our group, answer only to the Greek people. We’re not working with anyone. You elect us. And we answer to you” he added with emphasis. With the aim of unity and rallying the 15th Conference of the South West The N.D. turns its attention to the conference, which starts next Friday, and which will actually mean the official start of the election, while a few days later, and by April 14, Piraeus will also present all of its candidate MEPs. The aim is the 15th conference of the N.D., which will be of an anniversary nature, as 50 years after the restoration of the Republic in Greece and 50 years after Constantine Karamanlis established the party, to broadcast a message of unity and the main objective of rallying the electoral base ahead of the election contest. The stake of the ballot “It will be an occasion (the conference) to see the timeless imprint of this large party in the history of Metapolitization. The party that restored the Republic, the party that put Greece into Europe, the party that kept Greece in Europe and the party that today makes Greece a truly European country. This is our big trust” said Kyriakos Mitsotakis, from Muscat, highlighting the issue the N.D. will focus on. on the road to the polls, which will concern what political power can guarantee stability and security. “In an environment of geopolitical instability it is very important that our country’s vessel remains stable and safe, and that stability and security only New Democracy can guarantee it today” stressed Mr. Mitsotakis. With tours all over Greece… The Prime Minister after Easter plans tours throughout Greece. By looking at the citizens who were bitter about choices (such as the law on equality in marriage etc.) or also mistakes, as he has recognized himself, Mr. Mitsotakis wants to get in touch with as many citizens as possible and explain why it is important that the N.D. come out strong from the polls. The reasoning that is expected to unfold is that the stronger the N.D. He himself, with so much credibility and strength, will be able to negotiate in Brussels for the country. At the same time, it will point out that a large proportion of the Southwest. will give him … “more powerful political legitimacy towards those interested in just one thing: how Mitsotakis will fall”, as he said on his recent tour.