Joanna Sarris: I’ve taken Bell, my left side of my face paralyzed

A serious health problem confronts or “talked” about it through a story on Instagram! “I was scared, I cried, I panicked” he wrote the model revealing that he had a Bell call! “For a few days I have been facing something scary for me. I was traveling abroad when it all started… Not to bore you, after a lot of tests, it turned out that I had a Bell call. Essentially the left side of my face has been paralyzed,” Ioanna Sarris wrote in her Instagram story. “I was scared, I cried a lot, I panicked, and even now that I write to you I’m very afraid, because apart from the appearance part that affects psychology, it’s a key feature for me to be able to work because my job is my face,” he continued the well-known model. “My doctors reassure me and with patience, good mood, plenty of pills, infinite cortisone, rest, hugs and love from my own people, told me I would be well. After much thought about whether or not to share it, today I took the courage and did it because beyond your messages, I want to tell you to look after yourself, love him, rest and listen to your body” she continued in her message Joanna Sarri. “I thank the designers, the companies and all the collaborations that are patient and have infinite understanding,” he added. And in the end he asked for… a good peek!