“Netanyahu shows middle finger to Biden” says democratic senator

With a harsh tongue, the American senator spoke. Chris Van Hollen about the stance held by the Prime Minister of Israel and the policy pursued by the president of the United States, . “We have been in a situation in which Netanyahu essentially continues, you know, to raise the middle finger to US President Joe Biden,” the Democratic politician flew during an interview on Sunday on an ABC News television network broadcast. “And we send more bombs. It’s absurd.” Israel has a right to defend itself against Hamas, but the bilateral partnership “must be a two-way street, not a unilateral white cheque with American taxpayers’ money,” he continued. Clear demands must be made and one of them – a necessary condition – is the distribution of more humanitarian aid to civilians in the Gaza Strip, the Maryland state senator insisted. We have to “say that we are setting conditions: do not let people starve,” he explained. President Biden must proceed in action after his recent critical positions on how the Israeli military operation is being conducted, Chris Van Hollen claimed. He reiterated that the Israeli government is blocking the distribution of humanitarian aid to the civilian population in the Gaza Strip, which is a blatant violation of international law. The UN also denounces non-governmental organisations. The Israeli government denies it. The pressure on the U.S. internal political scene towards President Biden to handle otherwise Israel is intensifying. In recent times, Washington has raised the tons, especially for the planned land attack on Rafa, in the southern part of Gaza, on the closed border with Egypt, where some 1.5 million internally displaced people have fled. Nevertheless, the Washington Post, citing officials in the Pentagon and State Department who did not name it, revealed that Washington recently approved “quiet” deliveries of bombs and advanced fighters to the Israeli army.