Gaza: Dozens of bodies in al-Sifa hospital after Israeli Army left, Hamas argues

For tragic images in hospital Shifa mentions the health ministry in the Gaza Strip, where it governs the Palestinian Islamist Hamas movement, as dozens of bodies were found, after the withdrawal of tanks and other armored vehicles of the Israeli army, which invaded two weeks earlier. “Ten bodies of witnesses, some in a state of decomposition, were found within the Sifa hospital and around it,” noted Hamas’s Health Ministry in a statement, adding that material damage is “very large” in all the buildings of the facility. A correspondent of the French Agency and eyewitnesses reported that the Israeli withdrew tanks and armored vehicles from Ash Seafa Hospital in the Gaza Strip. The tanks and other vehicles came out of the hospital precinct, where they had invaded two weeks earlier. According to AFP reporter, the tanks opened fire to cover their departure and left Rimal district in a southwestern direction in Gaza City, towards Tel al Howa district. The Israeli army has not confirmed that he withdrew his forces from the hospital.