Nena Mendi: I was wearing the dead husband’s clothes – with my current partner we have not been married

Nena Mendi, currently starring in the play “Condessa Valerena”, was invited to Nancy Zabetoglou and Thanasis Anagnostopoulos. Among everything, Nena Mendi confessed to Nancy Zabetoglou and Thanasis Anagnostopoulos that living in the dark period after the death of her first husband. More specifically, Nena Mendi revealed that her first husband to whom they were married ten years, died at the age of 34 with herself having difficulty managing it in the first period, to the point where he dressed and went out in his clothes. “He was a very handsome actor. She died 34. I’ve lived a lot. We were married for 10 years. Big slap. The slap is nothing. My father died first, whom I loved and after a few years my husband. Very suddenly both of the same thing, heart,” Nena Mendi revealed. “Then it was madness. I think for a while… he left and I don’t know how I picked it up. Some of my friends helped me. I started dressing up in his clothes and walking down the street in his clothes. I had an unbalanced thing. I moved,” Nena Mendi confessed from the heart. Nena Mendi later spoke of her second husband, with whom they had a child. “He’s another character than me, he doesn’t talk much. I fell in love with this man. It is a rare species, one of those I say “finish molds”. Nothing like me. I’m not in front of him. I’m nothing. Very clean thing, masif. You have absolute emotional certainty,” he said. Finally, he added: “We have a wonderful child who has raised it more, not me. I worked, but I was lazy. He’s great. Very good father, father and mother together. I told my daughter. “I was bored with you, Maria.” I wanted to grow up to hang out, I couldn’t baby the kid. I was calling friends from the kid to comfort me and play with her. I wasn’t hiding anything, and it’s got its perks. You may not tolerate such straightforwardness, but eventually you get something. Nothing is played from behind.”