Golden Visa: The transitional period is reduced by one month – End of deadline on 30 August

By one month the transitional period for the expiry of the period under which third country citizens can either pay the price, or pay an advance of 10%, or sign an agreement with payment in order to be able to apply for a residence permit through, according to Harry Theocharis. As Deputy Minister of Finance Mr Theocharis said in the House, the deadline for the transitional period for Golden Visa is August 30th against September 30 that was the initial deadline. It is recalled that in order for the new system for obtaining Golden Visa to be applied smoothly and not to disturb the functioning of the market, a transitional period is provided for under the following conditions: Citizens of third countries who will pay the price or pay an advance of 10%, or sign an agreed or private purchase agreement, proving the relevant credits by 30 August 2024 can complete their investment by 31 December 2024 under the conditions that have so far been in force. In such cases, if the purchase of the property is not completed, the buyer may complete his investment in another property always under the conditions applicable until now but not after 30 April 2025. PASOK’s comments were also accepted that under leases should not be allowed, which, in any case, is not allowed, according to Mr Theocharis, this reference was added to the regulation so that there would be no doubt.