ND for Kasselakis: The 5 “mixed questions for his businesses” –

‘ As long as Mr. throws the ball on the platform, we will continue to ask for urgent answers,” she points out in a new announcement or , quoting new questions about the operations of the president of Syrza. For “new important questions regarding the violation of the law by the President of SYRIZA, the maze of business and its money routes”, the New Democracy mentions in a communication, the “shadow” of a series of publications on the business activities of Stefanos Kasselakis. ‘The questions are now relentless and require specific answers’, points out in the same communication and quotes them: 1. Given that Delaware’s business register is not subject to transparency rules, WHEN Left Media was borrowed, who was the manager of OSIOS LLC, and who was the principal shareholder? WHO finally signs the loan agreement on behalf of the company? 2. The out-of-court compromise of the Kasselakis family in 2018, of 762,000, for which proxy lawyer was Emmanuel Kapnisakis, the new director of Mr Kasselakis’s political office, HOW AND WHO was paid? Is it related to the acquisition of his family company by the listed one he then commanded? 3. What chapters were created by PHILACOATINGS Inc. (USA) and what was the role of the ghost company “THE PHILA COATINGS SHIPPINGS COLOURS AND GRUNTS WITHS”? 4. How common is CEO buying his company? The shareholders of the listed Tiptree Inc. were aware of the activities of their subsidiary Tiptree Marine? 5. Why is the headquarters of PHILACOATINGS, which does not present any business activity, a luxurious villa in which the Kasselakis family spent the holiday days? How was it bought? Is it common for a villa to be declared as company headquarters? “We know we will not receive any answers again and as long as Mr. Kasselakis continues to throw the ball on the platform, we will continue to demand them urgently!”, concludes the announcement.