Mitsotakis at TikTok: The minimum wage is rising again April

Video was posted to you by someone who is addressing the young (and not only) to inform them of the increase in the minimum wage, which has been in force since today. The video at TikTok starts with a small “scenario”, where Kyriakos Mitsotakis talks with his partner and wonder how they will communicate outwardly the increase in the minimum wage. Somewhere there he opens a camera and starts recording and talking to the public. As he said, last year was April when the minimum wage increased to 750 euros. So this year, it increases Aprillia to 830 euros. He noted that since 2019 the minimum wage has increased by 28%, and the target is by 2027 to have gone to 950 euros, and the average salary to 1500 euros. As of today the minimum wage is increased to 830€