Demis Nikolaidis: “Olympiacos is better than AEK, but is now far behind”

He commented on her derby and Olympiacos in the 2nd Super League 1 race and noted the superiority of the Pirates in the match, but also the… title step the Union took with its 1-0 victory. Analyzing the 2nd Super League 1 race on Nova’s Monday FC show, Demis Nikolaides stood in Olympiacos’ supremacy in the middle line, but also in the solutions AEK took from Almeida’s changes. Demi Nikolaides’ comment “AEK did not have on a good day various players especially in Haffs. Olympiacos had Esse and Chikinio. AEK had Athanasiadis on a good day. AEK takes solutions from the bench, with Mandalo and Eliason who passed and collaborated in the goal taking the match. Olympiacos was better, he made four big phases. AEK expected to take some time because of the interruption. I think it’s gonna start getting beat again. At the AEK goal, I think Rechos shouldn’t have avoided the card. He could be expelled because with a tie it would be different. Now Olympiacos is far behind. It’s not over 100%. If Panathinaikos wins the AEK, there will be hope. Last year Olympiacos won with AEK having many phases. Now he’s lost, without the AEK having a chance. The Olympic changes didn’t go bad. Olympiacos brought it where he wanted the game, but it didn’t work. If the AEK wins Wednesday the chances of winning the championship are too high. In these two games that follow if the AEK gets four points it will strengthen its position even more.”