Meeting the President of GREECE mr. Constantine Βαρσαμίδη with the former Prime minister, mr Costas Simitis

With former Prime minister Costas Simitis had a meeting in the House delegation of the Administration of the ATEI of thessaloniki…
The President of the Alexander TEI of Thessaloniki, mr. Konstantinos Βαρσαμίδης referred to the initiative undertaken by the ATEI of thessaloniki for the implementation of a new direction of redefining the quality elements of Higher Education and developed a constructive debate regarding the creation of a framework for the exploitation of the scientific potential of HEIS in the direction of the development configuration of research and educational initiatives. The meeting was attended by the Deputy Chairman of the Foundation mr. Panagiotis Τζιώνας.
Mr. Simitis is aware of the financial and operating difficulties faced by Institutions of Higher Education and stressed the necessity of exploitation of the scientific and research infrastructure on the basis of the requested features from the business sector to restart the economy.

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