MasterChef 2024: Cooking duel without “second chance” – Defeat brings grumbling

In yesterday’s episode (Tuesday 2/4), the gray brigada was the winner in the Creative Test Trial, with a final score of 6-1. The members of the two brigads, as all three chef judges, Sotiris Kontizas, Panos Ioannidis and Leonidas Koutsopoulos pointed out, presented excellent dishes and everything was judged in detail. The best effort, however, of all the contestants, was presented by Lefteris Zafeiropoulos from the gray brigada, winning the money prize of 1,000 euros! From the voting process in Bordeaux brigada emerged as the second candidate for departure, John George. Tonight, Wednesday, April 3, Team Trial for MasterChef 2024 contestants, with a very important guest, chef Herve Pronzato, a great name of French gastronomy. The two brigs should present to the judges and their guest a high four-stage menu specification. A test that will require all their knowledge and abilities. Costas Fregios, as leader of the gray brigada, will be the one to choose with which basic materials the two brigs will cook. His goal, as he admits, is to “eat” as much as possible, the rival burgundy brigady and set her up with culinary traps to make her work even harder. Both brigads want victory and some feel they need to take matters into their own hands to achieve the desired result. All contestants now realize that the competition has entered the final line and none of them are willing to lose. The two brigs take a place of “battle” and are zealously thrown into cooking creation, aiming only at victory, since defeat will lead one of their members to exit the competition. What brigad will manage to organize and better understand the challenge?