Famagusta: See the new trailer of the premiere of the second cycle

MEGA “ ” returns this Sunday April 7th and at a new time of screening, since it will now be shown at 22:40. The premiere of the second cycle accompanies a brand new and also nostalgic song entitled “Karavaki (Writting)” sung by the special voice of Yota Nega. The Famagusta series, directed by Andreas Georgiou, in a script by Vanna Dimitriou, tells in 8 brand new episodes the lives of people forced to become refugees within their own country, after the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. At the same time, viewers will have the opportunity to watch the lives of heroes in today, after the dramatic revelation in the finale of the first cycle. After the captivating “I Don’t Forget”, with Maria Farantouri’s iconic voice, Christos Stylianos composed another melody that comes to give voice and rhythm to the pain of vomiting. On music, Helen Zioga married the lyrics for the song “Karavaki” and thus triggered collective memory once again, highlighting the heartbreaking meanings of MEGA’s production, “Famagusta”. Famagusta: What we’ll see at the premiere of the second cycle Episode 9 (Sunday, April 7) Michael’s arrival as a baby in London in 1974 leaves Cyprus Christina and Andrew to mourn. The trial ends positively for Michael. The opposite is the case with Theodore who is taken to prison until the case is tried. Michael, furious and betrayed by Katerina, fires her from the documentary. Cleanthes, full of guilt, asks to leave the farm! Daphne unfairly divorces Tecros. Despite the tense atmosphere, Simone makes it clear to the Sekeri family that she does not feel bad for anyone. Paul apologizes to Michael. Iphigenia regains custody of Andricus, which relieves Paul, now that his health is getting worse. Simone apologizes to Michael for being unjustly accused and a mutual attraction begins to appear. The documentary continues. This time an elderly Cypriot describes how her marriage to Turkish Cypriot led her twin boys to fight against each other in the invasion. The title is: Giannis Bezos, Koralia Karantis, Christos Loulis, Andreas Georgiou, Emilia Yypsilantis, in the role of Grandpa George Zenios Vasilios Trufakos, Neokles Neocleus, Sofia Kallis, Stefanos Michael, Andreas Tselepos, Asteros Kyprianou, Dani Kyurktsoglou, Marianna Sandis, Vangelis Kakouriotos, Christina Papadopoulos, Dimitris Antonios, Grigoris Georgiou, Lucia Mousoulis, Georgia Kouvarakis, Andreas Chrysanthos and the young children: Angelos Georgiou and Andreas Christodoulos In the role of Archbishop Makarios, Gregory Valtinos In the role of Charitas Mantolas, Despina Bebelis Direction: Andreas Georgios Sernarios: Vana Dimitrios Research and writing true historians: Dimitris Kragiotis: Tokargikis Papagikis Papagikis: Papas Papas Papas Papagios Papagios Papagios Papas Papagios Papagios Papakikis Papas Papas Papas Papas Papas Papas Papas Papas Papas