Marousakis: Rains and storms until Thursday – What weather will make Clean Monday

Rains, storms and transportation of African dust will be the main features of the weather for today Tuesday (12.3.2024), while the stormy weather will continue until Thursday. Improved will be her three-day. According to meteorologist Clearhus Marousaki’s post, the time of Clean Monday does not inspire any concern, but today it will be unstable “with rains – storms mainly in the west, the north and the eastern Aegean (time of type “pi”), while African dust will slowly begin to be limited to eastern and southerner geographical apartments”. In his post Clearchos Marousakis continues saying: “Weak weather is maintained and the next two days with the most volatile weather being Thursday”. “From Friday and then the weather could be described as mild without this meaning that there can be no storms – storms in the afternoon with the emphasis on the continental trunk,” he noted. “Therefore, the three-day – four-day clean Monday does not seem to be any concern both at the exit and at the entrance of the travelers or for those staying in the major urban centers” he concludes. See the post of Klearchos Marousakis: