Larissa: Rats on a plot next to schools – Autopsy at the microbes dorm

They increase dramatically and residents of the area in , ask the municipality to send decontamination crews before it’s too late… The situation in Larisa is becoming more and more dangerous over time. Cause the mice who have found shelter on a plot, very close to schools. The rodents go out on the streets and begin to move in the wider area, with its inhabitants appearing reasonably concerned. As time passes, without the problem being addressed, fears of infections are strengthened. All this, a few months before this summer arrives. A huge problem has arisen for a few months in an area within Larissa and especially in the district of New State on Chitsani Street, where mice daily “sulach” in the area posing a threat to public health. The specific plot located opposite the 7th Epal, northwest of the 15th High School has literally become a drill from the hundreds of holes that have been opened by rodents, from where they are constantly thrown out into the street, but also in the surrounding areas where schools exist. Residents denounce the event and ask the competent authorities to deal with the matter, as the mouse population is growing dramatically. See the images of from the spot. Residents of the area are asking the municipality to order workshops to rush for disinfection. As they say if this doesn’t happen, things will get even worse when mercury starts to rise ahead of summer.