Manolis Mavromatis: They removed his tracheostomy, little improvement for his wife as well

A small improvement has presented the state of his health, which is hospitalized in the General State ICU after a fire in his house. Manolis Mavromatis won a first battle, but not the war and continues to be hospitalized in the ICU hospital “G. Gennimatas” with doctors having removed his tracheostomy. It is completed almost 1.5 months after the well-known athlete Manolis Mavromatis and his wife Irene were treated with burns and serious respiratory problems, from their burning home in Kolonaki at the General State Hospital of Athens “G. Gennimata”. At first the battle seemed unequal. Both were introduced to the ICU and were supported respiratoryly, and treatment of burns was difficult. In the last critical period, according to information from, 82-year-old Manolis Mavromatis had begun to have full contact with the environment and contacted doctors through notes. However, he had tracheostomy, as he could not be autonominated respiratoryly. Today and after removing the tube of tracheostomy, the beloved in the nationwide journalist will be able to breathe and communicate now normally. This important development makes doctors optimistic. However, the path of recovery is still long and remains in the Intensive Treatment Unit. On the other hand, his wife also has a relative improvement. But when she is awakened from time to time, doctors find that she does not communicate with them as comfortably. It has, in other words, as the information says to go further than Dimitris Mavromatis for recovery. The beloved couple fight together, literally in next-door beds at the ICU, and everyone wishes to come out of this test winners. By Janna Soulaki / Source: