Christos Malakis and Maria Thomas tonight at 2NightShow with Gregory Arnautoglou

He and Maria Thomas welcome tonight (02.04.2024, 24:00) at The 2Night Show the . Christos Malakis, the tough Elias Natsis from the series “Psychokores” of ANT1, talks to Gregory Arnautoglou about everything. Why does he think he had to play in the “Wild Bees” to find him after 22 years in acting? Was he negative with television? Has he paid for his professional ego? What special role did he play in “Black Midnight” and how does he relate to Pygmalion Dadakaridis? What does he want to teach his students as a acting teacher? Why has he been pushed to play a comedy role? Finally, she talks about the favorite “Psychophores” and explains why before the violent scenes with Anna Louisidou she was joking to relax her. In tonight’s company “The 2Night Show”, a guest of Gregory Arnautoglou is also Maria Thomas, the talented girl who put lifestyle on the show “Formula 1 Show” of ANT1. Maria Thomas is a singer and for 10 years she was a member of the band “XANAZOO”. She is also an actress with strong participations in television series, theatre performances and film films. How does she feel about sharing her life between Athens and London, since her partner, Ian Holmes, lives there? What does it have to do with Formula 1? How did he meet Brad Pitt, what does he have to tell us about their meeting and what role will he have in his film on Formula 1? Finally, he talks enthusiastically about the theatrical performance “The Big Game”, in which he plays in the Alcmene Theatre. The 2Night Show: Every Monday and Tuesday at 24:00 and every Wednesday at 23:45 .