Lucescu ahead of Dinamo Zagreb – PAOK: “Those who fight will play as if it is their last match”

He spoke of the determination there is in order to come the qualification over Dinamo Zagremo to the Conference League. “We came to Zagreb and we know what to do,” said Razvan Lucescu among others, thus expressing the determination of PAOK to play against Dinamo Zagreb, but also to keep the undefeated of the “Double Head of the North” in the Conference League. Razvan Lucescu spoke of the double duel with Dinamo and his conclusions from his opponent: “The draw is a draw and it happened to us. We must accept the draw as it is and give everything to this first match. It is a group with enormous experience in Europe and strong as a whole. It is a group that may not have much tension at the moment, but is organized and knows how to exploit weaknesses and mistakes of an opponent. She has good players and I think Misic is her best player. Not only for the way he plays with or without the ball but because he has a huge personality and leads his team.” Before the game with Indracht, you said he had a good feeling. Now?: “We are a team that made great progress from the first practice or the first official match we played last summer. We have improved, we have confidence, we are serious and we know what we want and we have huge motivation. We know we’re dealing with an experienced team, but we have a huge motive as well as psychology since we haven’t been defeated in the event, and that’s the most important thing for us. We came here knowing what to do.” About whether his eleventh will have changes thinking and starting the playoffs: “I always say the next game is the most important. We always approach the next game as the most important and we will continue to do so. For us there’s the game with Dinamo and we’ll do everything on the field. Those who fight will play as if they were their last. That’s where I focus and then I’ll think about the next one. I’m always looking for the eleven that those who are at the best of eleven should play for each particular game. So that we are ready for any situation.” He was asked to compare games with Dinamo with those played by his team against Heiduk: “You can’t compare them because Haiduk and I played at a different time. I’ll repeat that Dinamo is a strong team, as is Heiduk, when we faced her. After all Croatian football has quality and players in the best championships in the world. And the National Team is always playing in the big events. But making a comparison can’t be done…”.