Lagarde: We will wait for June’s figures before reducing interest rates

The June inflation figures will be expected by the European Central Bank ( ) in order to make its final decisions on interest rates, noted the press conference that followed Thursday (7.3.2024). However, the official stressed that the ECB will not expect inflation in the Eurozone to “get” the 2% target in order to make its decisions to reduce interest rates. With regard to inflation, Christine Lagarde explained that “we are sure” of the continuation of his downturn, “but not quite sure”. “A little more we will know in April but a lot more in June,” he added, adding that the ECB will not change its decision taking into account a data communication alone. In addition, he noted the climate of agreement during the meeting as he said the decision was unanimous. Finally, it also referred to the fact that the Board agreed to a new statement on the capital market union, but it will be made public later.

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