Panathinaikos for Ruxi Dumitresku: “Beside 13-year-old Philip in whatever he needs”

The Amateur announced the decisions he made after Ruxi Dumitrescu’s loss and among other things he stressed that he would be in direct communication and consultation with those who curate 13-year-old Philip to be next to him. The iconic leader of Panathinaikos left life suddenly, with the amateur announcing some decisions made by the Board of Directors and dealing with initiatives that either took or will be taken by “the company’s mother” to honor her memory. Amateur Panathinaikos took over the expenses of the funeral, and noted that she will be next to her 13-year-old son, Philip, in whatever it takes. The announcement reads: “The Panathinaikos Sports Club announces the decisions of the Board of Directors on Ruxi Dumitreskou. In a climate of deep sadness and anguish, the Association waved goodbye to one of the biggest sports figures that wore the “truffle”. From the first moment the Board was in contact with Ruxi Dumitresku’s family and alongside the Greek embassy in Romania. He decided from the first day some movements that were not announced due to the condition and the funeral sequence. The main concern of all was discretion and to provide Panathinaikos A.O. substantial and practical assistance to the family. In this context Panathinaikos A.O. decided: A) To take over the expenses of the funeral instead of depositing a wreath B) The continuous communication and consultation with the family so that Philip (the son of Ruxi) can have the support of the Association, always bearing in mind the wishes of him and the people who care about him. C) The event of a friendly match in her honor that her family will be invited to and in this context the jersey will be raised with number 9 on the roof of the closed stadium “Paul Giannakopoulos”. The race will take place at the start of the new season and details will be announced shortly. D) In the next games of our team sports will be observed a minute silence and the sections will compete with black armbands as a sign of mourning.”

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