Kolonaki: Kare – frame the bloody scene of the square

Karé – frame the bloody scene at the dawn of Friday in , starring a brutal 31-year-old gunfighter, his 29-year-old friend and victims of two 27-year-olds who, for a minor reason, quarreled in Anagnostopoulou and ended up wildly beaten in the hospital, emerges through witness descriptions and the EL.A.’s information note. As it turns out, the two youngsters were having fun with their friends at the nightclub just a few meters from Kolonaki Square and at 2:35, as they reported eyewitnesses and the evidence from EL research. AS, they started fighting with the savage 31-year-old. Talk in conversation, the blood was on, the two friends went out of the store along with the 31-year-old who pulled a knife and stuck it in the 27-year-old’s belly while two shots were heard from a gun that went off. Against the young people, some unknown persons began to attack, resulting in victims being beaten to death and found by the police fallen, in a semi-dimensioned state and dipped in blood in the alleys of Kolonaki. Police officers from eyewitness descriptions managed to block the 31-year-old marked for black BMW robberies in Menidi and confiscate a CZ gun while handcuffing his 29-year-old girlfriend as he was in possession of the cocaine bag. Wild wood, blood and gunshots The scene of terror, as quoted in the police briefing note was set up as follows: “At about 02:00 hours of 30/03/2024, the 27-year-old from Maroussi went to the health care store on Anaagnostopoulou Street in the area of Kolonaki in Athens with an age of 27 and 24 friends with a view to their night entertainment. At about 02:35 hour of the same, the 31-year-old defendant verbally argued, for a minor reason, within the store with the two 27-year-olds. The 31-year-old defendant came out with the one 27-year-old and another unknown person outside the aforementioned store and then the 27-year-old’s friend followed them. At that time, the 31-year-old accused initially threatened the 27-year-old from Maroussi with a sharp object, which he owned and then placed in the area of the victim’s abdomen. At the same time an unknown perpetrator first punched him from the left side of his face, while in a defensive position he was punched at least 10 times by an unknown number of people. At the same time, the 27-year-old’s friend from Maroussi tried to repel the unknown man and at that time unknown wounded him, in an unknown way, in the head. Meanwhile, a gun went off twice in an unknown direction and then the 27-year-old’s friend initially re-entered the store lobby and then came out running moving towards his adjacent parked vehicle. Police officers of the Z Group immediately arrived, where they initially recovered the 27-year-old friend of the young man from Maroussi, on the contribution of Anagnostopoulou Street with Heraclitou Street bleeding and then found the 27-year-old from Maroussi in an apartment building corridor on Anagnostopoulou Street in Athens. The sufferers were served with an E.K.A.B. station in T.E.P., G.N.A. “Evangelism”, where the first aid was examined and provided. To his friend, 27-year-old from Maroussi, a stitch was carried out, using three or four stitches, in the trauma to his head and on their own responsibility they left the hospital above.” The two casings, the black BMW jeep, cocaine and roadblock in Menidi Police officers from the Athens Department of Security went to the Anagnostopoulou street in Kolonaki and performed an autopsy in which they found 2 gun casings, which were seized. Descriptions of residents in the center of Direct Action, said the perpetrators escaped by car type jeep, black color and brand B.M.W., while reporting that the driver was bald and of origin from the former Soviet Union. The police didn’t waste time and began to comb night Athens in order to locate the black jeep with the mysterious man. As mentioned in EL.A.’s information note “At about 03:30 on 30/03/2024 and according to the above descriptions, I.A.A./O. P.C. They tracked down J.E.E. car, brand B.M.W. and color black moving on the confluence of St. Dionysios Street with Eleftherios Venizelos Street in Acharnes, Attica and decided to check it. During the police check it was found that the driver of this was the 31-year-old defendant and his companion the 29-year-old defendant. Also, in the interior of the vehicle and specifically under the driver’s seat a gun (gun), silver-coloured, CZ-marked, 9 mm caliber and with a marked number “122517”, which bore a magazine containing 12 cartridges, without carrying another cartridge in the chamber. From the possession of the 31-year-old a mobile phone, APPLE brand, I-PHONE model and the car, B.M.W. brand, was seized, while from the possession of the 29-year-old a nylon pack containing possibly the cocaine drug, total mixed weight of 1.7 grams. Immediately, the officers mentioned above immobilized the two defendants, who were taken to the Athens Department of Security store, where they were later arrested. It is noted that the sufferers unreservedly identified the 31-year-old defendant as her perpetrator against the attacks. The confiscated evidence was sent to the I.C. for laboratory tests. In the morning hours of 31/03/2024, the perpetrators will be taken before the Attorney of Primary Athens.