Katerina Papoutsaki: It’s hard to be hated, after Alice I abstained.

About the fragility that he has lived on stage or on filming and about the difficult period that incarnate Alice Vougiouklaki in the series “I have a secret” he spoke today (03.04.2024) or in the show “Let’s go Danai!”. “When I made Alice I had had a very difficult time, I was stigmatized by this period,” Katerina Papoutsaki said and spoke about the reactions she had experienced and the response of which happened. “Then he had a very negative climate for me, somehow everyone hated me, it’s hard to hate you. I’ve lived aberrant in interviews, put me in a difficult position even shows that weren’t yellow theoretically. I didn’t want to go to shows at all, I felt I had to be careful because the questions were invasive,” he said. However, “I never thought of stopping working, after Alice I decided to abstain from television for a few years,” said the well-known actress. Katerina Papoutsaki appears in Sfigga, talked about the fragility that has happened to her at work. “I happen to have someone come up on the stage running and push us aside and start yelling. On a television shoot, I happen to pass out a girl because she was hit by heat,” Katerina Papoutsaki said.