HOURS: 3 years “Energy Community OF HOURS EN.A. “

Three years was recently completed by the company’s first and largest Energy Community of EN.A. , now listing 5,000 members who honor it with their trust. Starting again, HEROS, a member of the GEK TERNA Group, presented in January 2021 on the Greek market the “Energy Community of HOURS EN.A”, offering access to the production of “green” energy in households, small businesses, chain stores through discounts on the electricity bill. Everyone can participate in the ‘Energy Community of ENERGY EN.A’, whether they do not wish, or are unable to install a photovoltaic system on their roof, on a simple condition: to choose HEREAS as their supplier. HEROS carefully studied the European institutional framework which states that by 31 December 2023, each State shall: Member should prohibit energy clearing systems that do not allow the separation of energy produced from that consumed. Thus, it designed the energy community of the future, the only one compatible with the European process. The “Energy Community of HOURS EN.A” has been the only private initiative for three years, which, using the tools provided by the European legislator and recently incorporated into our national law, has exceeded: (a) the limitations of the Region and (b) the obligation to hold an RES project, offering the possibility of virtual energy compensation, throughout Greece with RES projects of the HEROS Group and/or third producers. In addition, the ‘HARE EN Energy Community. A’ consolidates energy democracy as it comes to ensure non-discriminatory participation of everyone in the benefits of the green energy transition. More specifically it incorporates the three main pillars of the green energy transition: Energy Security because it creates alternative sources of supply such as photovoltaic parks. Since the beginning of 2021, the Energy Community of HOURS EN.A has been able to access green energy long before the energy crisis. Energy Justice because the ‘Energy Community of HERMES EN. A” does not exclude any consumer – its client from becoming a member, but, on the contrary, it distributes the benefits of green energy to everyone, proportionately and without preferential subsidies. Sustainability because it ensures the financing of renewable energy projects with a zero environmental footprint. The Energy Community of HERMES EN. A’ contributes decisively to achieving this objective as the agreement with the electricity producer (Heros) on the pre-purchase of quantities of green energy from the photovoltaic park ensures the financing and development of RES and storage projects. George Cubaris, Chairman of the HEROS Group, said: “Today, the benefits of renewable energy production cease to be the privilege of the few. Through the Energy Community HERMES EN. A, HEROS delivers the power of the sun into the hands of all consumers – customers, bringing the Republic of Energy and setting the basis for creating the largest energy community. As of today, each of us is able to “produce” the energy it consumes and contribute to environmental protection. We are proud of the broad response and participation in our community and optimistic that even more consumers will understand its value and want to be part of it.”