Katerina Cacosaiou: The first time I got on stage, I called my dad crying.

The first time she sang and was… shame, her brothers and dad who never left home. Katerina Kakosaiou spoke to Gregory Arnautoglou and The 2nigh show about her family and song. Katerina Kakosaios is the largest of the five children of Giannis Plutarchos. How does it feel to grow up with such a famous father? Normally, he says, after the well-known singer made sure to wake up early to see his children. “My dad’s not much of a television guy. Maybe this has saved him from a lot, managed to keep a family. Maybe he’s one of the few people who did this, and it’s probably because he stayed a little behind the lights. I admire that very much to him… He used to work seven days a week. And my friends were asking me if I saw him as a child. My dad’s never lost sight of me because he always slept four hours a day, woke up in the morning and had him always in the house, just singing at night. Since he was three years old, he used to take us to the bouzouki, just sleep on the couches in the dressing rooms. Mom’s everything in this family, she’s behind everything, from Dad, from the kids, from the house… My parents were never discouraged by my choices,” said the young singer. “I called my dad” When he remembered the first time he got on stage, he didn’t hide that everything went wrong! “The first time I got on stage, it was when I was studying in Cyprus, I was 20. I was alone and marginally I was back in the world and looked at the musicians from my shame… It was awful, I don’t want to know what people heard. It was very wrong. I called my dad crying, he told me to send him a video, he looked at it and he said, “No, that’s not my child” he said. The protective George and the belligerent Kostis Referring to her brothers, Katerina Kakosaiou said: “Many times they drag me and go to my sister Eleonora to take a picture because they confuse us. She’s eight years younger than me. All the brothers sing, one day I put them in the studio and we all wrote a song together… My mother sang normally in shops, but she left it to raise us, of course with the help of our grandmother. Eleonora’s got a DJ school, so maybe she’s headed for music technology. Panagiota doesn’t show much interest even though she has a nice voice. Kostis, the youngest – he is 13 today – has the most beautiful voice, he has recently been involved in the trap, but he has a very nice voice, from very small study Kazantzidis”. For George’s brother, the singer also said: “The fact that I am John’s daughter Rich didn’t affect me. My teachers didn’t like me very much, I was marginally arguing with him. Unlike George, who was not a good student, but was very fond of him and placed the same grades as me. George is a little, “I don’t bother you, don’t bother me”… George was very protective and still is. Me too, but I’m trying not to go through the delicate balance of his privacy, if I ask him anything, he’ll tell me, he won’t come and tell me. With my brothers, I feel that we are a punch, that I have many hands to lift me if I need help.”

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