Tower: Robbery at gas station – The perpetrators ripped the recording off the cameras

The focus on the robbery that occurred in the city. The perpetrators hit the operation quickly and targetedly… The robbery at the gas station occurred at dawn with the perpetrators surpriseing employees who did not resist. They searched and managed to get a large amount of money in their hands, with which they took a short walk out of the liquid fuel station. The police work became more difficult, as the robbers before they left ripped off and took the recording from the security cameras with them. The perpetrators entered a gas station at the East entrance of the Tower and after searching the entire site, they found and grabbed the money of 15,750 euros and disappeared. According to ERT, the perpetrators seem to have been well read, after leaving they made sure to take with them the recording from the security cameras of the business, where their movements were captured frame by frame.

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