JUNEYAO AIR – AEGEAN: Cooperation on Common Code Flights expected to begin on 1 May

JUNEYAO AIR and AEGEAN announced their launch for common code flights, thus offering their passengers the opportunity to benefit from the increased connectivity of the two companies, turning Athens into an entry gate between Asia and Europe. With the addition of a new flight from Shanghai to Athens, JUNEYAO AIR significantly increases the European destinations of its network and facilitates, through its cooperation with AEGEAN, the booking process for its passengers for flights to popular destinations of AEGEAN’s external network, such as Helsinki, Milan, Rome, Naples, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Nice and Marseille. For its part, AEGEAN is further expanding its network abroad and for the first time, through this new cooperation on common code flights, it will operate in China, offering its passengers new, increased options. Common code flights are expected to start on 1 May and passengers can already, as of mid-April, book their tickets through the websites of Juneaoair.com and Aegeanair.com or through travel agencies. Over the next few months, JUNEYAO AIR and AEGEAN will further extend their cooperation and common-code flight network by adding popular Greek destinations and additional points to Europe. It is noted that JUNEYAO AIR, an associate of Star Alliance and AEGEAN, a member of Star Alliance, already have an interline partnership facilitating passengers’ access through Athens to several Greek destinations. Wang Junjin, President of JUNEYAO GROUP and JUNEYAO AIR, said: “We are excited about the development of our cooperation with AEGEAN, as this is the first time that JUNEYAO AIR has been working with a European airline member of Star Alliance, as part of the affiliate program. We are optimistic about the future and the presence of JUNEYAO AIR on the European market. As an essential step in our international cooperation strategy, this cooperation will allow us to expand and expand our network, covering the travel needs of our passengers, through the use of common resources. That is why we look forward to further expanding our cooperation with AEGEAN in the future, adding privileges for our regular passengers.” Mr Roland Jaggi, Chief Commercial Officer of AEGEAN, said: “We are particularly pleased to start our cooperation with JUNEYAO AIR, as it further expands our network, offering our passengers even more choices and greater connectivity, while for the first time, it allows us to operate in China. We remain loyal to our commitment, to meet the growing needs of our passengers for more travel choices and new destinations and continue to join forces with industry leaders, such as JUNEYAO AIR to achieve it.” SOURCE: RES-BE