Argiris Gaganis, Nana Veneti and Anna Kandarakis tonight in Arnautoglu

The “explosive” actress of the 1980s, Nana Veneti, the clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, Anna Kandarakis and the beloved actor Argyris Gaganis are the guests in tonight’s show “The 2 Night Show” presented by . Tonight, Wednesday, April 3rd, at 23:45 Gregory Arnautoglu welcomes on his set “The 2Night Show”, the “explosive” actress of the 1980s, who gave up everything to become a successful businessman. Nana Veneti tells her novel life, which was full of twists. How did she get her first role in the Hatzichristo theatre? What role did her conservative parents play in her career? Why didn’t he ever get naked? What does it say about videotape movies? Why did she keep away from the men in her space? Why didn’t men take her seriously and why did they want her as a “troupe”? What made her stop her artistic course in 1995 and disappear? He then talks about a juncture that put her in the business sector and explains how she managed to sell 36 crane vehicles to the Greek Police. Nana Veneti talks about her English husband and her life in Athens and London, about her 16-year-old son, who accompanied her to the studio of the show and the famous persons who marked her life. Finally, Gregory holds in his hands the collection CD with the personal dedication made to Nana Veneti by Michael Jackson. In tonight’s company “The 2Night Show” invited by Gregory Arnautoglou on his set “The 2Night Show” is also the clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, Anna Kandarakis. On the occasion of her book “The colors you taught me” she talks about the depression and the “camps” of her, about how psychotherapy can make the barriers to supply, but also about the role that our childhood plays in our psychology. Why should we not view people as numbers? Who’s the “hard mom”? Where should relationships be based? Why haven’t women learned to be the protagonists in their lives? Why do we blame men? Finally, Anna Kandarakis states that happiness is a daily choice and we must pursue it. Gregory Arnautoglou welcomes to “The 2Night Show” and Argyris Gaganis. The favorite actor talks about his role in the successful series of ANT1 “The Witch”, he explains why he was nervous when he read him and why he has left the mark of the “executor” of Janetus. Why did he go to live permanently in London? Which films has he played abroad? What does he say about his collaboration with Vasilis Bisbiki in the film by Giannis Economidis “Spast Fleva”? Finally, he reveals what family relationship links him to Gregory and together they travel us to their childhood in Thessaloniki. “The 2Night Show”: Every Monday and Tuesday at 24:00 and every Wednesday at 23:45 at ANT1.