Joe Biden marginally leads a percentage of Donald Trump in a new poll

The two gladiators for the US presidential election next November have “locked” and already count their forces through polls. According to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll American President Joe Biden had a marginal lead of a percentage point against Donald Trump ahead of the November presidential election, while both have secured sufficient support from their parties to descend as candidates in the polls. 39% of registered voters in the one-week poll, completed yesterday, Wednesday, said they would vote for Biden, from the Democratic Party, if the elections were held today, compared to 38% who chose Republican, former President Trump. The lead for Biden is within the poll’s margin of error (1.8 percentage point). Many voters remain undecided, with 11% arguing that he would vote for other candidates, 5% that he would not go to the polls and 7% stating that he does not know what he would vote for or refuse to give a specific answer. Both candidates carry significant weights in their second match for the US presidency, with voters concerned about Biden’s age, 81, and Trump’s four forthcoming trials, including one on charges of trying to overturn the 2020 election defeat. The battle is expected bilaterally The poll, in which adults were asked across the country, included many ways to measure support for Biden and Trump, and most show a bilateral battle. Trump had a marginal lead among all respondents, but Biden’s lead among registered voters was important because citizens already registered to vote are more likely to do so in November. Only two thirds of those who had the right to vote participated in the 2020 presidential election in which Biden won Trump. In the seven states where the election was bilateral in 2020 – which could again prove crucial in November – Trump leads Biden with 40% versus 37% among registered voters. While national investigations give significant indications of who America will vote for, just a handful of states typically lean the scales by shaping the balance in the electorate of electors, the determining factor in the presidential election. With many voters not thrilled by Trump or Biden, the new poll showed that independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., supported by 15% of registered voters, is expected to appear as the third candidate in the polls, compared to 17% in a January poll. When poll participants were invited to choose between Trump and Biden without other options, Biden leads 50% against 48% between registered votes, with 2% refusing to answer the question. Only about 37% of Haley’s supporters plan to vote for Trump While Trump easily won former South Carolina governor Nicky Haley in the process of anointing the Republican Party, securing several delegates the other day to be the party’s candidate, he has vulnerabilities even within his own party. Only about 37% of Haley’s supporters plan to vote for Trump now that she is out of the race at the Republican Party, according to the poll. 16% said he would vote for Biden and the rest of the respondents that they would vote for someone else or anyone. Following the controversial conservative court ruling in Alabama that frozen embryos in the context of assisted production should be considered children, the new poll showed that only a quarter of registered voters agree with this view, 57% disagrees and others state indecisive. The Reuters/Ipsos poll gathered responses online from across the country, from 4,094 American adults, including 3,356 registered voters. It had a margin of error of 1.8 percentage points for registered voters and 1.7 percentage points for all respondents.