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Islands with 100% completeness, but without life

The summer period is a synonym for: holidays on the island. The Greek islands are the ultimate destination with the demand for the…
2016 appears increased. This year’s figures show that there has been an increase of 50% on booking of ferry tickets. According to the data of travelplanet24, for the period June – August 2016, was presented an impressive increase with the ships to travel full while as the most popular destinations have emerged, Mykonos, Paros, Tinos, Naxos, Syros and, of course, Santorini.
Of course, this does not mean that the Sporades and the Ionian islands, or Crete don’t have traffic. On the contrary, almost all of the islands host a very large number of tourists with the difference that, for example, in Crete and Corfu, selected the air inside. From the statistical data for the FAA in July of 2016, it appears that there were in the Greek airports 8.479.942 million passengers (an increase of 7.9% passenger domestic and increase of 9,7% of passengers abroad), i.e. a total increase of 9.3%. The largest passenger traffic for July is recorded at the airports of Heraklion, Rhodes and Corfu.
While in every case of shipping and airlines indicate an increase of the traveling public, a walk through the streets and alleys of many islands, it testifies to something completely different: you don’t have people in the streets, markets and attractions. The store owners focus indicate that things are “lukewarm”, while the retailers speak of a fall of their turnover that is not due to the fact that the tourists see, but don’t buy the” but the fact that there is no movement-mobility of the visitors.
What are the reasons that this is happening?
First of all, the Greeks vacationers have reduced the length of stay in the islands. While a decade ago, someone resided at least six to eight days to the summer destination, now the stay has shrunk in three or four days. In other words, people coming and going, but it doesn’t stay long in order to generate revenue, inductively.Read more: The 19-year-old Dutchman who got a million miles to gift because you violated site air
Secondly, in terms of tourism from abroad and the category of families with young children (regardless of whether they come from inside or not), prefer staying in hotels all inclusive. The all inclusive accommodation, are large units that provide all services within the premises of the hotel. The accommodation includes a bathroom in the pool or possibly the beach in front of the hotel, all meals and snacks, activities for all ages, preschool for creative employment of children, gym and sports courts, beauty and relaxation services, as well as a variety of bars for evening entertainment.
Previously, such accommodations were quite expensive since such “packages” of high-quality, cost a lot. But now their prices are extremely competitive with the result that the all inclusive to have become popular. By choosing this kind of accommodation, a lot of times not trying to get out of the hotel and visit the town and the shops.
Finally, an also important reason that the traffic on the streets of the islands has been limited is the rental house for the whole summer season. Or through their press services Airbnb, either through a simple internet search and ads, a large portion of the world, mostly with a young crowd and couples and families are finding that it pays to rent a house or a villa on an island for the season and to share the costs depending on the individual, thus extending their stay, expanding substantially the period of the holiday. In most of the islands, one finds luxury or more simple houses for all budgets, as well as a lot of people who have their summer cottages for rent. With the allocation of costs, and the cost and duration of holiday to balance, many people resort to this solution. The result of course is to spend all day in the house and the adjacent beach, the food is also not exclusively “home-made” while the friends are gathering and having fun… within!
The above reasons, contribute to the to have a lot of islands full of people, but they seem empty and without the usual “life” in the streets and the shops.Read more: Great chain of clothes and accessories is closing 100 stores

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