Intracom Telecom – Open Fiber: The first commercial FWA network in the world for Gigabit at home

Open Fiber cooperates with Telecom to achieve the EU’s Community Gigabit supported by relevant European initiatives, Intracom Telecom announced. Intracom Telecom, a global provider of technological systems and solutions, announced the extension of cooperation to achieve a Community goal with Open Fiber, a wholesale network provider of Italy. As of 2019, Open Fiber pioneered the use of the FWA for rural networks in Italy, with extensive development. In 2022 she took part in the competition for the project “Italia 1 Giga” and was commissioned by the Italian government to develop in eight provinces. The two companies achieved an important milestone completing field trials in one of Open Fiber’s commercial venues in Apulia, South Italy. WiBASTM G5 dual-BS hub and G5 GigaConnect terminals operating at 28 GHz showed excellent performance results, yielding 1 Gbps at a distance of 5 km. FWA technology uniquely allows rapid development in areas with minimal telecommunications infrastructure and WiBASTM platforms G5 dual-BS and WiBASTM G5 GigaConnect at Intracom Telecom’s 28 GHz stand out, as they are designed to provide Gigabit connectivity to extensive mobile service quality finders. Intracom Telecom’s FWA platforms have advanced algorithms for dynamic capacity allocation, maximising simultaneous subscriber connections and optimizations to accelerate terminal installation and service provision. The WiBASTM product family G5 can easily be developed and maintained even in difficult soils. Mr Kartlos Edilashvili, CEO of Intracom Telecom, said excited that Intracom Telecom participates in Open Fiber’s ambitious initiative to provide Gigabit connectivity to Italian residents, especially those in rural areas. He stressed the crucial role that telecommunications providers must play in the economic and social progress of the countries in which they operate, using cutting-edge technologies to improve the quality of life of citizens. Mr Edilashvili is convinced that cooperation with Open Fiber will be an example for other organisations to follow and include FWA technologies in their network expansion strategy, contributing substantially and quickly to the implementation of the relevant EU directive. Having supplied and supported networks in Italy since 2014, Intracom Telecom specializes in hyper-euzonal connection networks for home subscribers in rural areas. The WiBASTM fixed wireless access family already operates worldwide with more than 50 networks, of which 10 in Italy showing excellent performance and reliability.