Huge python swallows a man. Attention, hard pictures!

Chordata Animalia Reptilia Squamata Serpentes Pythonidae Phython P.molurus Pm bivittatus. What a name, huh?…
This giant snake is usually known as the python of Burma. In the wild these pythons reach of 3.7 metres on average, while pythons over 4.5 metres are rare.
The giant snake ate the man
There is always a question if a snake can eat an adult human. The mythology for the above issue keeping upon very old, but today can be answered with certainty. Yes, there is a snake that kills and then swallows a whole adult person!
In Indonesia, a giant python, Burmese swallow an adult human! The snake, however, while moving away from the point of the attack, stuck on wooden fences and in an effort to free himself, died.
The big snake who was drowned in the attempt to pass the fences.
The inhabitants of the village found the snake the next day and they pulled the fences out in the countryside where the doors opened and they found in the abdomen of the adult male victim.
The big snake in the if
ικτό space, you can see that she swallowed something big
All have been impressed by the size of the python
Like all snakes, Burmese pythons are carnivores. Their diet consists mainly of appropriate size for birds and mammals. The snake uses grabs with his teeth in his prey, and then wraps his body around the prey, killing the prey with strong muscles. They are often found close to human habitation due to the presence of rats, mice and other mammals is about a source of food.
The villagers are horrified to discover what was eaten by the python
Exceptionally large pythons can swallow even larger animals such as pigs, sheep and goats while it is known that they swallow alligators in Florida, where they dominated several areas. Now in the list of food items we can add and adult people.