How did Tsipras become a boomerang for Kasselakis, Cretan marriage, Entersoft and Capital Market authorities, the unpleasant scenario for telecommunications groups and how to find the new deals

Boomerang the Tsipras Act The president of SYRIZA Stefanos Kasselakis is in a difficult position. The Head of the Prosecution of Primary, Antonis Eleftherianos, ordered an investigation to determine whether he violated the property statement law and in particular the provisions relating to the prohibition on leaders of political parties represented in the national or European Parliament to participate in the administration or capital of companies which have a seat in real or registered abroad. The president of Syriza runs a company abroad. Not offshore (offshore) as his partners support but its headquarters are in the US. For Mareva! For history the law on incompatibility was extended by the extraditions that were a memorial obligation, and to foreign companies, on Tsipras, in 2016. The…stone of the scandal was Mareva Grabovsky Mitsotakis who was in the target of Syriza because she had shares in a French company (not offshore) on whose property was Voltaire’s house in Paris. But the Tsipras law is now in danger of being cancelled by his own successor, Stefanos Kasselakis. Prison and fine The violation of the law is punishable by at least two (2) years in prison and by a financial penalty of ten thousand (10,000) euros to five hundred thousand (500,000) euros. Kasselakis’ only defensive line will be that the Tsipras Act is contrary to Union law and the free movement of capital and may also raise a question of restricting its political rights. And to transfer his company’s shares to Tyler he can’t because he is his wife and is forbidden – criminal prosecution will hardly avoid it, the law is clear. Now because his office director and lawyer Manolis Kapnisakis did not inform him what is true in Greek law is a question. He should have sold – a transfer of the company from the end of August 2023, which announced his nomination for the leadership of Syriza. It’s the only way he’d avoid the legal aim. One cannot want to rule the country and not have made sure that it is informed of the legislation applicable to incompatibles. A lot of rhetoric From Arcadia where he takes a vacation with Tyler Macbeth’s husband, before presenting himself to the army, the following week, Stefanos Kasselakis launched severe criticism with a lot of rhetoric in Justice accusing her of targeting him while showing no corresponding reflexes for other serious cases. “Send as many prosecutors as you want,” he said. “In contrast to the giant fortunes of those who govern us, my income in the US is all taxed. Up to the last dollar – up to the last euro”. Marriage of Cretans Stefanos Kasselakis will marry Tyler Mackbeth in the village of Skines, Chania, which is his place of origin on 28 August, as it became known. But the president of SYRIZA probably didn’t even read the law on equality in political marriage, which he voted for and even states that he passed thanks to SYRIZA, as alone the ND could not, over 50 of its deputies voted “no” or abstained. Article 10 of the Act states: “Friends of Greeks who were held abroad with persons of the same sex prior to the entry into force of this (law) in accordance with the law of their place of origin have been considered to be subordinate since they were made in accordance with the provisions in force.” Double marriage? The couple married in October 2023 in New York where same-sex marriages are legal. Automatically this marriage is recognized in Greece by the new law. Moreover, anyone who is married here must make a responsible statement that there is no obstacle to Article 1354 of the Civil Code, that is, there is no other marriage. Because another is a religious marriage that can be made double (orthodox and Catholic) and another political marriage. So most likely, since she has married the couple in New York, to celebrate their union with a genuine Cretan wedding party, without (second) marriage. War on the Sunday of Orthodoxy In a closed circle, in Petraki Monastery, with three Metropolitans and not every formality in Metropolis, this year the Sunday of Orthodoxy will be celebrated on 24 March. This was decided by the Standing Holy Synod in order not to comply with the custom imposed by the President of the Republic to be the honored person who will be invited to read “I believe”. Katerina Sakellaropoulou, however, fell to the … serious oversight – according to the Fathers of the Church – to support the marriage of same-sex couples and also attend the party that took place (with dinner) on the night of the passage of the law in the House, in a restaurant whose owner is LGBTKY and has adopted two children. ‘Welcomed’ The PtD, which, according to the custom, is customary to present a meal to the representatives of the Holy Synod at noon on Sunday, Orthodoxy, sent the previous day, March 4, invitations to the President of the Standing Holy Synod of the Church of Greece, Archbishop of Athens and all Greece Jerome, and to the Members of the Synod, for the established meal. “They are always welcome at the Presidential Palace, but their decision as to whether to accept the invitation is also respected,” says the announcement of the Presidency of the Republic, as it does not seem to be accepted. Mrs. Sakellaropoulou did not respond with the same cruelty. He wants to keep open channels. But this straight shot of the Holy Synod to the head of state is a very negative message. Paradees Most likely not some metropolitans appear on the parade platform on March 25 to avoid being found next to politicians! The decision of the Standing Holy Synod was more relaxed – every metropolitan is free to do as he deems – because the students and the army will march! The archbishop, however, will not attend the Constitution parade. Excommunication! At the memorial of relatives of known politician who passed the law on same-sex couples there was only one priest of the 5-6 who danced in the divine Mass. As for the former Metropolitan Ambrosio who had described the Golden Dawn as a “sweet hope”, she sent a letter to the Holy Synod calling on her to excommunicate the 175 MPs who voted for the law. “Forget and cut off from the Orthodox Church’s Society, the capitalist of the moral crime Prime Minister of Greece, Mr Kyriakon MECCOTAKIANS and the 175 MPs of the Hellenic Parliament who voted for this demonic one. Law on legalization of Gay’s Marriage!” he said. “The Appendix I quote the names of all of us who have murdered the moral law of the gospel, that is to say, that they have passed the Law on the recognition of the marriage of homosexuals.) And worse! Pending the Capital Market Commission In any country in the world that thinks it has a stock market worthy of being included in the first category of global markets, the case of Entersoft would have been a cause for serious research. For days the stock was rising, the administration denied the takeover scenarios by stating ignorance about shareholders’ intentions and in the end the lucky ones who rushed to buy will make good profits due to the public offer made by Panos German’s Olympia Group at eight euros. And so far he hasn’t opened a nose! The funny thing is, the administration said ignorance, but actually most members of the board. are also key shareholders and were negotiating with the Olympia Group for the sale of the majority package! It is such cases that trouble those who want to return to the Greek stock exchange because they forgot what happened in the brilliant 2000s. When some small contractors appeared as potential buyers of OTE, Olympic, PPC and I don’t know what other multi-value business. High 13 years and new deals With the Athens Stock Exchange in high 13 years of age and the reputation in computer science growing, it is logical yesterday to have some liquidity from those who wanted to write the profits of the last few days. Everyone is now trying to locate where the new deals will come from. The column has been explaining for many weeks. Deals, as happened in the case of Entersoft, will come from businesses where the first generation of key shareholders (not all key shareholders, but some of them) has no successor situation and seeks to leave. In these companies, whether listed, or not, interest is also focused on various funds that seek opportunities in healthy businesses without heirs. Or heirs who have decided to exploit family property in other areas. The good news about telecommunications… The comparative assessment of the Greek mobile market based on economic indicators in relation to other Member States of the European Union, carried out by Swedish Tefficient on behalf of the regulatory authority (ETT) shows that (before recent increases from Vodafone Greece) things improved. Users may get lower value than the money they give (value for money) for mobile data (data) because they pay for data that they eventually do not consume, but the picture improves. The more data they consume each month the more value for money and the real cost per Gigabyte is reduced that is now higher than the average. In voice calls Greece is not far from the average of the other Member States considered. Tefficient argues that it is differentiated methodologically from the rest in the mobile price comparison market, mainly due to the use of real financial data from the provider’s balance sheets, instead of advertised or estimated data. …and the script with the bad news about the providers! That was the good news. What are the unpleasant things about some providers? This is a scenario that evolves as follows: In the first stage one of OTE’s two competitors is sold. It is known that British BC Partners is looking for a buyer for the United Group that controls Nova in Greece. In a second stage, the new owner of the sold provider proceeds to an agreement with PPC to access the fibre optic network that reaches the house (FTTH) throughout Greece. Thus it acquires in no time the possibility of providing Internet access services with visual fiber across the country without having to need OTE infrastructure which currently controls the so-called “last mile”, the distance from the CAFA to the customer’s home or office. In the third stage this provider will have an advantage while at the same time the profits of competition will be compressed. But why are we writing them? These are science fiction scenarios! Or not? The unpleasant results of ElvalHalcor In 2023, the profits after tax of ElvalHalcor of the Bioco Group were limited to EUR 28.5 million from EUR 159.3 million in 2022. And things would be even more unpleasant if the Bulgarian subsidiary Sofia Med, which moved much better than the market, did not set back for another year. Serious effects on profitability had ‘the limited margins for recycling and inflationary pressures on costs’, but also ‘the accounting results of metals, which were set at EUR 47,4 million for 2023, against profits of EUR 61,5 million in 2022 due to lower international prices. Today the financial results of Cenergy, the subsidiary of the Biocoal Group active in pipes and cables are announced and benefit from the large investments in the green transition.