Heraklion: Pictures from school for Melina Mercouri

It is now called 36th Elementary School of Heraklion “The school of Melina” and is the school whose name will be associated with the great personality of the memorable Melina Mercouri. As school principal George Terzakis told the APE, the claim of the name, began at the final meeting of the teacher club for the closing of the year 2022-2023 and the programming for the year 2023-2024 and was one of the goals for the new school year, on the basis that such a claim had a starting point in the school’s own history. “Our school was one of 92 schools throughout Greece and Cyprus, which started in 1995 to implement the program “MELINA- Education and Culture” which first put the arts and culture into education and which was actually the harbinger of today’s single school,” Mr. Terzakis noted. He added that apart from the history of the school in relation to the program, a starting point for the name, it was at the same time Melina Mercouri’s own personality “one of the most powerful personalities in the field of art and culture with multi-level action, which of course was the one inspired by this particular program.” To succeed in naming the 36th Elementary School of Heraklion “The School of Melina”, was as Mr. Terzakis said very well. “We are very pleased to achieve the goal of naming the school and we want to thank all those who helped it, parents, education management, regional, the municipality of Heraklion and the Ministry of Education who made the final decision and with FEK 1753/ The principal of the school, who said that “to be called only 36th the School, was an impersonal numbering serving procedural purposes. But this name for us is very meaningful because it gives a name to the character that our school already has and which has kept it in essence ever since, regardless of whether the program has stopped close to 20 years ago. That is, all these years and it is in honor of all the colleagues who were and are in school, our philosophy of being as Melina said “to achieve the awareness of the child in culture, because this will create another society, another mentality, another policy”. However, as far as actions within the school are concerned and associated with the name are concerned, Mr.Terzazis pointed out on the occasion of this event the next actions are already planned towards the interior of the school, but also towards the community of the city. “We will introduce Melina Mercouri to children and the community and we will all enrich the logic and philosophy of the program,” Giorgos Terzakis told the APE adding that they will immediately begin by class, tributes to Melina’s life and actions. “The teachers/others teach her texts and speeches, with the music singing her songs, the theatrelogist plays and dramatizes scenes, the artist creates collage with stimulus scenes and actions, the gymnast choreographs her songs and we all plan a central event on the occasion of this event,” noted the director of the 36th Elementary School of Heraklion “The School of Melina”, concluding that “it is a great honor but also a great responsibility for our school to combine and connect art with education and culture, for a world with more democracy, tolerance, justice and equality.”