Greece – Kazakhstan: The tickets for the National Football match were exhausted and the EPO announced sold out

In a crowded OPAP Arena Greece will compete against Kazakhstan for the barrages of Euro 2024, after its last match was exhausted, with EPO announcing sold out for the match. Shortly after the briefing for less than 1,000 tickets, EPO returned with a new announcement, after “disappeared” and the last… magic cards, with the world in practice supporting Greece’s National Football, in the first “final” qualification against Kazakhstan for Euro 2024. The new announcement of the EPO Given that the tickets for the race between Greece and Kazakhstan were exhausted, the Greek Football Federation reminds all ticket holders for the Greek-Kazakhstan race on Thursday, March 21 (21:45, OPAP Arena), that early attendance at the OPAP Arena is absolutely necessary. In particular, due to the increased turnout and the strict security measures that will apply, the arrival of ticket holders on the pitch should have been completed at least 45 minutes before the start of the race in order to avoid crowded entry doors. At the same time, it is stressed that only ticket holders, who are requested not to have children of any age, without a ticket, will enter the stadium strictly.