Glyka Nera Crime: “Caroline was asleep a few minutes before she was killed” !

Answers to what the pilot claims to have preceded the murder of his wife seem to be given by the medical examiner’s testimony

The medical examiner’s testimony, according to which the victim slept six minutes before entering the “death mechanism process”, seems to give answers to what the pilot claims preceded the murder of his wife.

The investigator of the Glyka Nera crime case has in his hands the full details of the% case, including the medical examiner’s interpretation of the 20-year-old’s heart recordings, which do not seem to agree with what he claimed in confession of the perpetrator.

According to the medical examiner in her testimony to the police, the death of the 20-year-old occurred between 4:05 and 4:11, when a sharp increase in heart rate was recorded. A few minutes earlier, at 3:58 a.m., Caroline’s heartbeat indicates a sleeping person. In her testimony, the medical examiner states that when she was at the crime scene and saw the watch that the victim was wearing, she took it, in order to be protected and transported for evaluation to the forensic laboratories.

The medical examiner testifies: “From the data recorded on the smartwatch and you report to me, I estimate the following: The heart rate of a person at rest or in physical activity depends on many factors such as age, heart condition or whether the person is From the values ​​you give me, I consider that the heart rate from 48 to 58, which is recorded from 1:41 to 3:51 on May 11, 2021, corresponds to a period of sleep. 3:58, when the pulse is 61. At 4:05 the pulse increases by about 50 percent of the rest of the person at rest, and I think at that time the person was in a very good state.

Given that I have determined the time of death at the time of the site autopsy at five to six o’clock from 10 o’clock at the time of the autopsy, I consider the procedure to be fully compatible of the death mechanism took place from 4:05 to 4:11. At 4:11 is the last recording of the smartwatch and I believe that death occurred immediately after. “From the autopsy and autopsy I had concluded that the death process actually lasted a few minutes, that is, that the death was not instantaneous.”

The witness, referring to the examination of the 33-year-old perpetrator eight hours after the police call for the alleged robbery at the house in Glyka Nera, states, among other things, that the man did not suffer any head injuries or suffocate. The medical examiner emphasizes that it is excluded that “the man I examined, 33 years old, a pilot in the profession and without craniocerebral injuries, has remained in a state of anesthesia for 2 hours”.

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