George Pantzas: I love Alice Vougiouklaki, I owe her a lot

In an interview with all the material he gave to the newspaper “On Time weekend”, he spoke about his long career in theatre and cinema and about his collaboration with the legendary . A flashback in the past was made by George Pantzas, who spoke to journalist Sissy Menegatos spoke about the time when the late Alice Vougiouklaki was on top and had the title of most popular actress in the country. The beloved actor spoke with tender words about his former partner whom he called unique. – “You played with Alice Vougiouklaki. What do you remember from her?”—”With Alice I played three years in the theater and made two films together. I love her, I owe her a lot. Alice was Alice, a star. What she did was too good. Right. In this style he’s not going to come out second. Like no second Jenny Caresis can come out”. – “Did Alice have insecurities, even though she was a star?” – “Alice, trying to keep her title, the most popular film and theatre stars, did everything to preserve her possessions. He had no insecurity. She was active, smart, did her own jobs, earned a lot of money from theatre and cinema. I thank her for giving me the opportunity to play these first roles 0 mainly in theatre – with her. At first next to her I was heterolight. Then I became self-lighted. I was taking something from the glow of hers.”