BMW Series 5 wins the title “World Luxury Car of 2024”

More dynamic than ever, with a multitude of digital innovations, a spacious, luxurious interior and, for the first time, with a purely electric drive system – in version i5, the new BMW Series 5 strengthens its leadership in the luxury executive category. For members of the World Car Awards jury, the new arrival stood out among the luxury models that debuted in the world car markets over the last 12 months. Finally, BMW Series 5 was the one who won the World Luxury Car 2024 title (World Luxury Car of the Year 2024). The results were announced at the start of the New York International Car Fair 2024 as part of a ceremony broadcast live around the world. The jury consisting of about 100 car reporters from 30 countries, rated BMW Series 5 capabilities during extensive tests. Scores were subsequently recorded in detail by World Car Awards organizers. BMW Series 5, amid tough competition from 13 new luxury models, managed to gain the trust of the jury, not only with the unparalleled power efficiency of its electrified thermal engines, but also with the electric drive system, combined with high levels of comfort over long distances and numerous digital innovations. “We are very pleased to win this prestigious award. The verdict of the international jury shows that the strong character of our products and the special characteristics of BMW convince and inspire demanding target group around the world,” said Bernd Körber, Senior Vice President of Brand & Product Management of the BMW brand, Connected Company. BMW Series 5: Consistent electrification and digital innovations BMW Series 5 demonstrates its progressive character with drive system technology and innovative digital services. To these are added the elegant, sporty design, generous spaciousness, absence of noises and the advanced, premium atmosphere inside. Advanced aid systems, such as motorway assistant and Lane Change Assistant with confirmation through eye movement, highlight BMW Series 5 capabilities in long-distance travel. Equipped with BMW iDrive display and control system with QuickSelect, BMW Curved Display and BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant with expanded functionality, i5 allows user-vehicle interaction with touch and physical speech control. When the car is stopped, BMW Series 5 passengers can enjoy video streaming on the control screen and experience new gaming thrills in the car – e.g. spending a pleasant time charging the battery. As an integral member of the new BMW Series 5 family, BMW i5 offers drivery enjoyment without emissions of pollutants. The dynamic driving and efficiency of BMW i5 stem from fifth generation BMW eDrive technology, including built-in drive units and high voltage batteries with high energy density. In addition, the most sophisticated version of the custom energy recovery function and the smart combination of heat pump technology for heating and cooling the internal, motor and high voltage battery, help achieve autonomy up to 582 km in the WLTP cycle, depending on version and specifications. The combined Combined Charging Unit of BMW i5 allows AC charging with power up to 22 kW and DC charging with up to 205 kW. This means that car autonomy can increase up to 156 km within just 10 minutes when connected to a fast charge station. The entire portfolio of internal combustion engines has also been electrified. A flexiblely designed motion architecture, open from the beginning to different technologies, allows the new BMW Series 5 Sedan is available for the first time with pure electric drive, plug-in hybrid systems and with highly efficient petrol and diesel engines. Internal combustion engines from the new articulated generation of BMW Group Efficient Dynamics engines feature the most recent version of mild hybrid technology 48 Volt. BMW wins the ninth title at the World Car Awards The World Car Awards institution was founded 20 years ago and came to frame national and local competitions in order to identify outstanding innovations and new products in the global car market. This year, awards were awarded in a total of five categories beyond the total prize. By now, BMW had garnered eight awards at the World Car Awards institution. One of the winners was BMW Series 7, which won the World Luxury Car title in 2016. In 2018, the World Performance Car Award was awarded to BMW M5. This ninth title for the Bavarian premium car industry is the most recent in a long series of discriminations gained by the new BMW Series 5 in recent months. It is worth noting that only the purely electric version added to the trophy collection a total of three awards Car of the Year from Norway, Denmark and Italy.