Gaza Strip: Crying of WHO distress for 9,000 patients

About 9,000 patients from the need to be transported from there urgently for treatment as only 10 hospitals are left in Palestinian territory that operate at a minimum, the WHO chief warned today. “With only 10 hospitals operating at a minimum throughout the Gaza Strip, thousands of patients continue to be deprived of health care,” warned World Health Organization (WHO) director general, Tedros Antonom Gebregisus. Prior to the war, Gaza had 36 hospitals, according to WHO data. “About 9,000 patients must be urgently taken abroad for vital health services, including cancer treatment, injuries caused by bombing, dialysis and other chronic diseases,” he said. This figure is 1,000 higher than the latest WHO census in early March. Tendros said that so far “more than 3,400 patients have been indicted abroad through Rafa, including 2,198 injured and 1,215 years of sufferers”. “But many others must be removed. We urge Israel to speed up approvals for removals so that patients can be hospitalized in critical condition. Every moment counts,” he said. Before the war began on October 7, 50 to 100 patients a day were referred from Gaza to East Jerusalem and the West Bank. Half of them were treated for cancer.