Volos: Convicted of robbery at coffee shop take away

A year after the two perpetrators committed, they were found on the stand. He discusses the decision and revelations of what happened then… On Thursday, March 28, two Voliotians, 25 years old today, who last year robbed the coffee clerk on Larissa Street, under the threat of a nail cutter and screwdriver, and fled, leaving behind the 51-year-old woman terrified to call the authorities. They had been prosecuted for robbery jointly, while one of the two perpetrators had also been charged with disobedience and resistance against the principle. The first perpetrator after his apology to the interrogator had been detained, while the second had been released on restrictive terms. In the previous hearing, they argued that they came in to steal to secure their dose and that they were not intended to terrorize the 51-year-old employee, who in shock for what happened, took a long time to recover, having the support of the owner of the company and her colleagues. The Larisa Single-member Bad Court where the case was tried, imposed a prison sentence on one of the two perpetrators 4.5 years with parole and right of appeal, while being released. The second perpetrator was sentenced three years, with parole and right of appeal. The robbery had employed police authorities in April 2023. At the take away store, the two perpetrators had invaded with their covered faces and threatened with sharp objects grabbed around 300 euros and disappeared on a bicycle bike. Soon after a police chase, they were arrested. From the first moment, during their apology to the investigator, they had reported drug users and that they regretted their action and had publicly apologized to the clerk and the coffee owner.