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At least five people were killed by his bombardment in the car in which they were aboard her Strip. Among the dead are four foreigners working at the NGO World Central Kitchen (WCK) According to Palestinian and Israeli media, they were people from Poland, Australia, Britain and Ireland, as well as the Palestinian driver and interpreter of the group who fell dead in Gaza by bombing Israel. “We are aware of the reports in which members of the World Central Kitchen were killed in an Israeli army attack as they worked as part of our efforts to distribute food in Gaza,” said the NGO via X (former Twitter). “This is a tragedy. Workers in humanitarian aid organisations and civilians should never be targeted. Never,” he added, with the words “never” and “never” in capital letters. The founder of WCK, chef José Andrés, commented “my heart was broken”, referring to the “angels” with whom he said he worked “in Ukraine, Gaza, Turkey, Morocco, the Bahamas, Indonesia”, stressing that they are not “unfaced” or “unnamed” and calling on his army to Israel to “stop killings without distinction”. The Israeli military reported via Telegram that it “considers at the top level the tragic incident” to “understand the circumstances” of the raid and assured that it “worked in close coordination with WCK” to distribute humanitarian aid to civilians in the Gaza Strip. The U.S. NGO World Central Kitchen participates in the shipping of aid by sea through Cyprus, the Gaza Strip and the construction of a temporary dock on the coast of the Palestinian enclave to make landings possible. The first ship with help leaving Cyprus was unloaded in mid-March, under the supervision of the Israeli army. 🔸Australian aid worker Zomi Frankcom shared a video of WCK chefs preparing a beef and vegetable stew in Deir el-Balah before being killed IN AN ISRAELI AIRSTRIKE. The World Central Kitchen is well-known in the Gaza Strip and has been working with local kitchens to provide food…. — Owl Post (@_PalestineFree) In a statement the Palestinian Islamist movement’s communication agency Hamas said the purpose of the attack was to “terrorize” workers in relief organizations and not continue their efforts in the Gaza Strip. Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanesi said on ABC public network radio that the foreign ministry is trying “emergency” to verify whether he lost Australian life. A representative of Australian diplomacy said that “we have clearly said that it is necessary to protect the lives of civilians in this war. We have said very clearly that we expect workers in humanitarian organisations in Gaza to have safe and unhindered access.” A correspondent of the French Agency saw at a hospital in Deir al Bala five bodies and three foreign passports alongside them. Video acquired by Reuters news agency depicts the transit of bodies to the hospital by paramedics. Last month, WCK announced that it distributed over 42 million meals in the Gaza Strip in 175 days. Chef José Andrés founded World Central Kitchen in 2010, when he took the initiative to send cooks and food to Haiti after the devastating earthquake that had hit the country. Since then, NGOs have provided assistance to residents of areas affected by natural disasters, migrants and refugees at the US border. Mexico, health care during the pandemic and victims of conflict.