Saints Anargyros: The 28-year-old had sued her former partner for rape and beating – stabbed her in the heart

Real shock has caused the murder of the 28-year-old outside their Monday evening (01.04.2024). The things that have taken place do not fit the human mind. The 28-year-old had gone to the Aghios Anargyri police station to denounce her former partner and he. The 28-year-old had gone on Monday night together with a friend of hers at the Aghios Anargyri and told the police that she was being watched by her former partner and feared. They advised her to file a lawsuit against him in order to trigger the self-defence process, despite the fact that this does not constitute an offence. Then the 28-year-old told the cops she didn’t want to file a lawsuit because it doesn’t make sense. He even revealed to them that in 2020 he had filed a rape and beating suit against him, but nothing happened and he is now afraid. The 28-year-old asked for a patrol car to go to her home but at that time there was no available. The unfortunate woman said she would call a police car as soon as she left the station Unfortunately she did not, as her former partner waited outside the station and murdered her. He stabbed her with a knife in her heart by cutting off the thread of life. According to testimonies everything happened quickly, the 39 – year – old began to chase her and she sounded screaming. Note that the fact that the girl was accompanied by a friend and would not go home alone was a reassuring element. The cops even opened a card for the incident. Information says that an SSR will be ordered to determine whether there are any responsibilities of the police. The chronicle of the horrible murder All took place at 10.30 on Monday night outside the Police Department of Agii Anargyri where the 28-year-old had gone to denounce another incident. According to the first report the woman along with a friend had gone to the Aghios Anargyros ATM to denounce the 39-year-old for seeing him wait for her outside her house and was afraid. The shooter and the victim were divorced a long time ago. Her former partner, then followed her, saw her step in with a friend and set her up. When it came out it all happened quickly and no one was able to react. The 39-year-old’s movements were quick and stabbed her to death a few meters away from the police post. Immediately after the alleged perpetrator injured himself in the neck and was taken to the hospital “Borns” in serious condition. The GADA Communication states that: “Deadly injured woman by sharp object was found in the area of Agii Anargyri. The alleged perpetrator of the attack was taken to hospital by ambulance. A preliminary hearing is held by the Athens Security Directorate”.