France: Small’s Bones Found Emile who disappeared nine months ago.

The worst fears were confirmed for little Emil, a 2.5-year-old who disappeared 9 months ago on Saturday 30 March 2024 were found in the Alp-de- Ot- Provence, in southeastern France, bones belonging to little Emil. “On Saturday police were informed of the discovery of bones near Vernet settlement” whose genetic identification analyses made it possible to conclude today that they were the bones of the child Emil Soleg,” prosecutor Jean-Lick Basson said in a statement. When he disappeared on July 8, Emil had just arrived for the summer vacation at his grandparents’ cottage on his mother’s side and two neighbors claim to have seen him on the main street of the village of Ott-Vernet, but with conflicting testimonies. The prosecutor’s announcement states that a forensic investigation is ongoing while police are conducting “additional investigations” in the area where the bones were found. Last time Emil had been seen he was with his 58-year-old grandfather. Since then his luck has been ignored and investigators have ruled out any possibility including kidnapping and homicide. Eyewitness said he saw his grandfather, a physiotherapist-osteopathic, cutting wood out of his house about the time the child was reportedly lost.