FDA: Food supplement from Germany sold without internet authorisation

Consumer attention is drawn to one from Germany. This is sold online with health claims without authorisation, as the Agency points out. In a communication issued by the complainant, he points out that the HERBOXA nutritional supplement is promoted by medical claims and health claims referring to pharmaceutical action. However, the product does not have relevant approval of the FVO. In addition, it has not been assessed as to its effectiveness and safety. HERBOXA is promoted by a specific website, explains the Agency. It refers to many languages and the seat of the e-trader is in Germany. The EAF specifies that the relevant information was received from the Swedish authorities through the Administrative Assistance and Cooperation System (AAC). The Agency calls on consumers not to supply this product or to use it. In case it comes into their possession, don’t use it but inform the FDA immediately. Finally, it recalls that the purchase of its products of competence from unreliable sources, such as the Internet, may endanger the health of the consumer. Iatropedia.gr