Eurovision 2024: The “secret” of Fokas Evangelinos and the film concept for “Zari”

The first information about Marina Satti’s “Zari” revealed her “master”, who has edited the stage presentation of the song in the competition. Fokas Evangelinos spoke on the “Hello” show of SKAI with Maria Bakodimos and revealed the find that will “explore” the Greek participation in Eurovision as high as possible – perhaps at the top. The stage presentation of the song remains a sealed secret, however, the secret stage finding has to do with the directing of Fokas Evangelinos. The concept of the presentation will be cinematic, like watching an interactive film and according to the report, for the first time in the competition there will be a monoplane in Sati’s presentation on stage. I mean, the camera will only be on Marina. Sati (it will not move or open on stage) and within the plan will “enter” elements of the presentation of the song (such as dancers). This directorial style has also been used in the song’s official video clip.