Thessaloniki: These are the ravines that escape from the classics and are expected to become repulsive

The pieces are an integral part of her table and a bakery in Thessaloniki has managed to become a topic of discussion with the creations of… This oven in Thessaloniki will create for another year rabbits that escape from the usual. The whole project started 4 years ago and once consumers embraced the effort, it continued. After the rabbit with the dolmatakia that broke last year, others come for this year, with special flavors. In the bakery of Eleni Kallidou located on Botsari Street in Thessaloniki, consumers can choose between the simple traditional hare and other more original ones. Lagana “Uzomeze”, which consists of taramosalata and marinate anchovy, hare with auberganosalata aioritiki and flurin peppers and also for lovers of the Oriental cuisine there is the hare with humus and egg peanuts. “Another year we innovate in the ravines of course with fasting materials. People have known us for years. They come and ask us what new flavors we have. Of course the older ages prefer classical but these rabbits are thematic. They will go to a visit, to a house that has a table for them and instead of sweets they get a box with such a thematic ravine combined with the Saracostian table,” said Mrs. Eleni Callidou, a baker. She produces for the 4th year, rabbits with baked tarmac and lemon, with all the above flavors that can be combined comfortably with many dishes from the Saracostian table and give another “color” to Koluma and Clean Monday. According to her, new flavors impress her customers, some of whom laugh at the beginning, but then they like them very much and shop.